Rwanda Water Resources Portal


The Rwanda Water Resource Portal is a web platform where water resources related information such as Water Quality, Surface Water, and Ground Water, Water Laws and Policies is stored to make them easily accessible.

This portal has been established so that the water resources of Rwanda are protected, conserved, managed and developed in an integrated and sustainable manner to facilitating public to access to information related to water use in Rwanda.

All data available are presented in different formats including maps, tables, PDF etc. Depending on your user role, some data may not be available to you.

For whom?

The portal is designated for a wide range of users including general public, leaders, and policy makers such as government ministries, professionals and those in the education sector.

What are the benefits?

The main goal of the portal is to provide citizens, local and central government administration, entrepreneurs and academic institutions with access to water resources information drawn from official documents, assuring data quality, timeliness and credibility. For this reason, the portal benefits both the information providers and information users. 

For the information providers, the portal will:

  • Implement measures to ensure that shared water resources management is done in compliance with regional and international rules and procedures; 
  • Within the overall water resources management strategy formulate a shared water resources management and utilization strategy;
  •  Establish and strengthen national institutional arrangements mandated to facilitate co-operation in the management of shared water resources;

 Whilst for the portal users, the benefits are:

  • Quick and easy access to up to date and accurate and updated water resources data at a minimum cost;
  • Increased awareness on water resources in Rwanda;
  • Increased transparency in accessing to data/information on water resources.